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About Us

Karen Wimhurst founded Palida in December 2011 as a local project to create an a cappella choir capable of developing a repertoire of challenging close harmony pieces. As the choir's Musical Director, she coaches and leads all singing as well as composing and arranging many bespoke pieces for Palida.  A widely commissioned composer in her own right , she has created everything from chamber works to musical theatre and large scale collaborative productions. As a professional musician Karen currently tours with the jazz quartet Misbehavin' and the Pagoda Project.    ​​​

The Choir

This friendly Choir has grown to over 26 members who sing a cappella in the SATB format.  The Choir can sing a wide program of music and have built a portfolio spanning Jazz, Madrigals, Classical/Traditional and Contemporary pieces.  As well as Karen Wimhurst's own material, many works are composed or arranged by local musicians such as Helen Porter, Steve Hale, Shaun Bracey and others.  Broadly speaking, the winter term sees the choir working on seasonal material for Autumn and the festive period.  Spring term is devoted to a concert which features a new contemporary classical work.  Summer term focuses on a jazz and popular repertoire.  

All singing is a cappella.  Practice audio tracks are provided for most pieces so that you can take time to learn away from the choir practices and build your confidence.

Interested in joining?  click here for more information

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